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Soak up the tranquil Sicilian atmosphere, sunshine and sublime aromas of our unique citrus estate with a stay at La Villa, southern Sicily’s premier private luxury accommodation
on the foothills of Mount Etna.


In addition to our 7 hectare estate of lemon orchards where we grow the variety limone femminello zagara bianca, we produce a wide range of typical regional fruits. These include succulent Sicilian oranges, grapefruits, peaches (including varieties such as pesca tabacchiere more familiarly known as Saturn or donut peaches), custard apples, pommegranites, avocados, plums, apricots, Japanese medlar fruit (loquats), bananas, prickly pears, blackberries, mulberries, figs and pecan nuts. These tasty delicacies are all available for guests to enjoy during your stay at La Villa – both offered as freshly picked produce and through a selection of our own jams and conserves which we lovingly produce by hand ourselves. This has the added benefit of being locally harvested and zero travel miles to your table.


Immediately surrounding La Villa is a lush Mediterranean garden landscaped with tropical greenery. With over ten different varieties of mature palm trees, hibiscus trees, succulents and tropical plants, this abundance of nature combines to provide relaxing surroundings for guests whilst watching the glorious sunsets afforded to Sicily with a glass of local wine.
The pool area is dominated not only of the views of Mount Etna in the background but by a large lava grotto encompassing the pool which was formed by large volcanic boulders left by an eruption dating back to 1000 B.C. Throughout the estate guests and welcome to pick and sample fruit straight from our trees in our orchard, or visit the vegetable and herb garden where the aroma of fresh mint and basil fills the air.

La Villa Giardini Naxos

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