Savoca, the town and the history

Savoca is on “must-see” list for those travellers who love The Godfather film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. For film lovers first thing to see is the “Bar Vitelli”, where you can sit down and taste a fresh granita, while thinking that here Michael Corleone asked Apollonia’s father for her hand in marriage. With a short walk through the narrow streets you can enjoy looking at the wedding church where they got married, which name is Santa Lucia. Nothing to do with the films but not less important is the Cappuccini Monastery, which features an impressive collection of same ancient mummified monks.

There is much to visit in Savoca as such San Nicolò Church and Trimarchi Palace. The town also has its own historical museum where you can learn more about its history.

The Monastery of Dominican Reverend Fathers, consecrated to S.Lucia, patron of the village, was built in 1465. This is the first documented information about the veneration for the Saint of Syracuse in Savoca. It’s right to suppose that the monumental church of S.Lucia, annexed to the above-mentioned monastery, whose collapse should be date back to the 1880, was constructed at least one century before: it had nine altars and five burials, and it faced the “Piazza S.Lucia” (S.Lucia Square), easily identifiable with Municipio square.

The feast of S.Lucia occurs on 13 December and in this date in Savoca take place solemn religious ceremonies, that once were preceded by an important fair. The patronal feast-day, however, always occurs on the second Sunday of August. It is organized by the homonymous brotherhood, whose origin dates back to the Sixteenth Century, and it is presided by a pro-tempore “Governatore” (Governor).