We are proud to continue offering the best of us to make your stay an enchanting experience and give you the most beautiful holiday ever.

Today more than ever, our commitment is aimed at the safety of our guests by ensuring that La Villa continues to be an oasis of peace, relaxation and well-being to share with you.

To this end, accepting the indications provided by:

we have foreseen new safety and hygiene practices


The room will be cleaned differently depending on whether it is already occupied by a guest (stop) or intended to wel-come a new guest (departure). In the event of a stop, the room will be cleaned according to our practice. In the case of departure, the room will be sanitized. Daily cleaning will continue to be carried out according to our usual practice, using detergents suitable for the different types of material treated, in compliance with the instructions for use provided by the manufacturers. The sanitization of the environment will be carried out by respecting the complex of procedures and operations aimed at making a room healthy by means of cleaning and subsequent disinfection, for example with a sodium hypochlorite solu-tion diluted to 0.1% or with 70% ethyl alcohol for surfaces that can be damaged by sodium hypochlorite in compliance with the indications for use provided by the manufacturers. Our guests are advised to encourage the exchange of air in the room so that they can also enjoy the scents and sounds of our wonderful garden and totally exclude the function of air circulation for air conditioning systems. We intensified the sanitation with particular care for the rooms, the common areas and contact points (door handles, reception counter, common bathrooms) providing us with all the tools and procedures to guarantee our safety and that of the guests. A bathroom kit is provided in the room containing a shower towel, a face towel, a bidet towel and a pool towel packed in a sealed package for a single guest or a couple.


Possibility to check-in (even before arrival) and check out (before de-parture) via smart phone, tablet or PC without accessing the reception.


A wide availability and accessibility to hand hygiene systems with hydro-alcoholic solu-tions in various locations inside the structure and in the external common spaces by customers and collaborators is guar-anteed.


Our guests can choose between a breakfast in the tranquility of their room (and in the private open spaces in front of it) and a breakfast in the garden near the swimming pool area with table service. The ser-vice staff in contact with customers will always use the mask during the service.


Disposable cloth and sanitizing products for room cleaning to allow the guest to manage the room cleaning independently, thus avoiding any access by our cleaning staff.


The sunbeds will be disinfected at every change of person or family. In any case, sanitation will be guaranteed at the end of the day. In order to guarantee an adequate level of protection and ensure the effectiveness of the water treatment chain, the fol-lowing parameters will be monitored twice a day: free active chlorine in the tank between 1.0 – 1.5 mg / l; combined chlorine ≤ 0.40 mg / l; pH 6.5 – 7.5


Thermometers available at the reception to carry out body temperature checks. Personal Protective Equipment: Masks, gloves and gloves for shoes are available to guests on request.

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