The Legend of Sicily’s Name, a perfect Love Story

Far back in the shadows of history, the island was named Trinacria. Under the Byzantines, a legend came to pass that involves a Lebanese princess, a deserted island and, naturally, a handsome young man.

As a child, an oracle foretold Princess Sicily’s death at the hands of a fearsome cat-monster. The oracle declared that, in order to escape death, she must leave Lebanon, alone, in a boat. Desperate to save their daughter’s life, at 15 her parents set her adrift and bade her farewell forever.

After three months at the mercy of the waves, the boat was carried by a good wind to the shores of an island, abundant with fruits and flowers. Despite the safety of dry land, the young princess was lonely and fell into despair. A young man appeared – the only survivor of a terrible plague that had wiped out his people – and declared that fate had chosen them to repopulate the island. As luck and legend would have it, they fell deeply in love and that’s just what happened. The man (now king) renamed the island after his lovely wife.